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Commercial Services

In addition to the maintenance of your business’s property, Garden of Seeden can enhance your business’s landscape display with our outdoor construction projects. Commercial construction services we offer include garden installation, special event displays, water features, and custom projects. Our team of specialists will work with you to create a design to bring your ideas to life. In our meetings, we will work to bring your outdoor concept to life. We provide you with information and samples to help plan out what you see for your businesses landscape.

Contact our skilled specialists to start planning your next project that will impress your customers.


Commercial Construction

Take your commercial landscape design to the next level by updating your gardens or by adding a water feature. We can offer solutions from a low maintenance garden to designing a custom project that fits with your business. Whether we are starting with a brand new canvas or need to update and refresh the current landscape design, the final product will impress and leave a lasting impression.


    Enhance or maintain your landscape with a new garden or freshen up the current flower beds. Garden installation is an essential part of developing a landscape design and ensuring that plants are placed properly where they not only look beautiful but can thrive in that environment as well. We can develop new designs or remove old flower beds and replace them with a new and updated design, your front of business will look beautiful and fresh.

  • – special events display

    Have a special event and need to leave a lasting impression? Garden of Seeden can help. We will meet with you to develop a design that fits your vision and budget for the event. Having a professional floral display for your event will add the perfect touch of elegance. Our team will set everything up for the day of the event and you can give your attention to other areas to ensure your event runs smoothly.

  • – water features

    Incorporating a water feature into your landscape design is a perfect feature to attract customers to your business. We can add value to your business with a pond or waterfall that fits with your landscape design.

  • – Custom projects

    Looking to create a landscape design that matches with your vision of your business? We are always happy to sit down and discuss what you need.